A new way to photograph the body – The art of Emma Hack

Emma Hack is a body artist.  She makes amazing images with body painting – from camouflaged works to her latest body sculptured images for The Mercury Project with the West Australian Ballet.emma-hack-2

Image from the Frances Broadhurst wallpaper series.  Image source: http://www.australianedge.net/cities/adelaide/photographer-artist-emma-hack/ .

Emma Hack gained fame when she was commissioned to do the body art for singer Gotye’s film clip Somebody I used to Know

I first saw her work at Seaview Gallery in Queenscliff several years ago.  At that time, the work that really impressed me was the Birds of Prey series.  Models were posed and painted become hidden in the background of Florence Broadhurst wallpaper, and then photographed holding birds of prey.  The painstaking work takes many hours to complete, taking a physical toll on both artist and model.

For her early work, Emma Hack employed photographers to photograph her work.  However, she now does her own photography for her gallery pieces.  These are produced as limited edition high quality prints.

From the early, more decorative work, Emma Hack has moved on to produce work with emotional depth and showing a great understanding of the body.  Her collaboration with a troupe of acrobats, working in the Gawler Ranges and Ceduna areas of South Australia produced an amazing set of images titled Panoramic Bodies. 

Emma Hack - Panoramic Bodies V web

The Prayer, 270x135cm & 150x75cm

The body sculpture in the foreground mimics the form of the dead tree.

This series, and other series like Cowscape, which highlights the plight of South Australian farmers faced with losing their stock in drought, her work Bodycrash (highlighting road trauma) for the South Australia Transport Accident Commission https://i1.wp.com/resources3.news.com.au/images/2012/10/23/1226501/761247-emma-hack.jpgand her more humourous comic-style series Pop! it isn’t surprising that Emma Hack was chosen when the West Australian Ballet wanted some eye-catching publicity material for its latest season. 


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