Hipster Photography and Brony culture

Marco Bohr, 3013 ‘What is hipster photography’, in Visual Culture Blog Website, retrieved 14/10/13, http://visualcultureblog.com/2013/10/what-is-hipster-photography/

Discusses and defines ‘hipster photography’ as a trend of people to post a particular type of ‘fashionable’ photograph online –

Characteristics – youth, white, casual, trendy/quirky dress, hair makeup – risque – e.g. semi-nakedness, tattoos, happy, often partaking of food, drink, drugs, often in social environments.  These are then posted online via e.g. Instagram – the creation of a new online identity and community of similarly ‘hip’ people.  This type of image is also popular with advertisers.

A most interesting article – the final image – people photographing people photographing a smurf-like doll, brings to mind yesterday’s article in The Age – about young men who are espousing the ‘My little pony’ figures of years ago as their own hip personalities – a new community of ‘Bronies’.  http://www.theage.com.au/victoria/brony-spectacle-signals-acceptance-of-different-kinds-of-masculinity-20131012-2vffd.html


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