ACM202 Advanced Digital Imaging Week 11

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Online Quiz – can be repeated – is up again for resitting with different questions

Ethical and Sustainable Practice.

  • Sweated labour China Labour Watch – video (Cloud China Labour Watch 2012, ‘Beyond Foxconn:Deplorable Working Conditions Characterize Apple’s Entire Supply Chain’
  • Apple allowed e.g. journalists into their China factory.  Young workers, doing repetitive tasks, living in dormitories, Result – high suicide rate – Wages are from 25  cents /hour.   Very low pay – people cannot make a fair level of income for normal means of living – e.g. cannot live with their families (none of the workers could ever afford an I-pad.)  Sweatshops  – China makes, the rest of the world buys.  (The companies producing this stuff are actually contract companies – Apple doesn’t own the factory – so they can deny blame for the poor conditions.  The link may be multiple, and relatively untraceable.)  Foxcon – the company in the video produces 40% of the world’s electronics.
  • The implication – that big business gets bigger and richer – everyone else becomes poorer and poorer.  Be responsible and informed.
  • What can we do Consider buying ethically produced goods.  Educate ourselves about what the world is really like.  Or the attitude that ‘if it wasn’t happening in China it would be happening somewhere else’.  S.P.

Note – one major company changing to ethical production can massively change the ethos of the world.


  • What are Rare Earths Used for?  (Video on Cloud BBC News 2012, ‘What are ‘rare earths’ used for?’ 8 March)
  • about the ‘Lanthenoids’ & Actinides – used in nuclear science (lanthenides) and electronics (actinides) – called ‘the rare earths’ –
  • Lots of low level radiation from the refining of rare earths (this dirty process happens currently, hidden away, in China).
  • These elements are not renewable – n.b. the manufacture of ‘clean’ energy machinery – uses rare earths and the process of refining them leads to huge amounts of low level radioactive waste.
  • China is the main producer of rare earth metals )e.g. Yttrium.
  • (NB Australia has large reserves of rare earth metals – but doesn’t produce them due to the dirty extraction process)
  • We rely 100% on china for rare earth metals.
  • Sean’s aside ‘We’re highly unlikely to have another world war when the whole world is economically dependent’ – we can’t take China out of e.g. the US military weapons industry.

No longer needed – electronic rubbish (e-waste)– what happens to it?

China Labour Watch 2012, ‘Beyond Foxconn:Deplorable Working Conditions Characterize Apple’s Entire Supply Chain’

  • Such waste materials may be transported to third world countries –
  • Materials in e-waste include toxic chemicals and metals
  • E.g. we throw out massive amounts of computers, television sets, mobile phones
  • Much of the so-called ‘green’ recycling of e-waste actually finds its way into containers bound for Asia – often China, or Africa – where it may be just burnt – e.g. Gweiu in southern China – which now has polluted water, a high miscarriage rate and children with high levels of lead poisoning.  The workers are peasant farmers – earning $8 per day.  Air is polluted – townspeople breath this, also the materials burn on contact – the workers’ hands etc.  ‘it’s a hell of a choice between poverty and poison’ quote from the video.
  • Acid recipes from the middle ages used to reclaim gold from electronic goods.
  • The rich get richer and the poor get poorer (and sicker). 
  • Active steps by the companies running the industry in the third world to mask their activities (e.g. secrecy when people try to ask or stopping people from filming).

Other clips on the Cloud page @

Phone bloks – the use of products which work with replaceable parts – the opposite of ‘building for reduncancy’ –

The basic phone has replaceable elements – which can be replaced and upgraded at whim or need.  The platform is open so various companies should work together – the aim is to get most people wanting this – so that

Is this a naïve concept?  We now have ‘planned obsolescence’ – everything will fail in a relatively short time frame – if this phone is finally produced, the component elements will be produced to become redundant.

This needs a whole move away from profit-driven economy to a needs-based economy.

Professional bodies for artists and photographers – see cloud – for a list

Media, Entertainment & Arts Alliance

Media, Entertainment & Arts Alliance

Includes sample documents, rates of pay, issues which may arrive when, e.g. exhibiting.

MEAA 2010, Freelance Photographers Rates of Pay


Australian Institute of Phofessional Photography

NAVA (fine arts) – students, starting out artists –

National Association for the Visual Arts

NAVA Money for Visual Artists

Arts Law Centre of Australia

Arts Law Centre

Australian Copyright Council

Australian Copyright Council

Photographers Copyright

Copyright – issues of note –

e.g. Obama poster by Shepherd Fairy – based on a photograph – the artists was sued when he said the photo was not the source of his poster .

Big issues of artists whose work is on the internet being ripped off by others using their work – but the artist still owns the copyright.

OH&S issues –

Eyesight from staring at a screen

Posture issues –

Too long sitting (Catalyst video online) ‘Sitting is Deadly’ Catalyst ABC RN 16 August 2012

Breaking up sitting time – a stand up and walk every 20 minutes will reduce the amounts of damage caused by sitting.

Examples of Job descriptions – jobs available e.g.

Eleven40 – Studio and Gallery assistant.

NB A grid format on WordPress – Hatch



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