Art Gallery of New South Wales

The Art Gallery of New South Wales is one of Australia’s best galleries.  130813 AGNSW front webThe permanent collection is varied and of high quality.  The building is a meld of old and new with stunning views to the east towards Wooloomooloo.  130813 AGNSW towards wooloomooloo 2 web 130813 AGNSW view through sculpture web 130813 AGNSW view towards Woolamooloo web 130813 AGNSW totems web

My visit was twofold – a visit to the Sydney Moderns Exhibition, and to see Cloud Landscapes, a hauntingly beautiful exhibition of Bill Henson photographs.

Jeffrey Smart died recently.  AGNSW paid homage with several paintings – in the members’ lounge and also on general display.  130813 AGNSW Jeffrey Smart hommage web 130813 AGNSW PeterKennedy Floor piece webThis photograph features Floor Piece II 1970, 2011.  Light sculptures have always fascinated me.  This low-tech example is created with coloured fluorescent tubes, industrial metal mesh and electrical cord.


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