Bill Henson: Cloud Landscapes

Allen, C 2013, ‘Light in the Shadow:  Bill Henson: Cloud Landscapes’, The Weekend Australian.  (Allen 2013)

Review of exhibition:  Bill Henson: Cloud Landscapes, AGNSW to September 22

Discussion of the significance of clouds in reference to the exhibition – & mythological references and references to other art works referenced by Henson’s works.

  • Clouds less likely to be depicted in southern European latitudes art works than northern works – less rain – much more likely in e.g. Dutch, Constable (Turner)
  • Small number of works selected for the exhibition – hanging order decided by Henson – (exhibition a collaboration between Judy Annear (senior curator of photography at AGNSW) who chose the works, and Bill Henson).
  • Works juxtapose key figures (e.g. the youthful nude – ‘which suggests life only just coming to full consciousness’) with references to symbols of art, culture and civilization.
  • All paintings are labelled ‘Untitled’ and range from around 2005 to the present
  • The article describes several works in detail, giving the references to artists including  Caravaggio, Gentileschi,  Guido Reni, Carracci, Rembrandt, and mythological and biblical basis for the works cited.
  • The hanging allows for a narrative reading.
  • Photographs are semi-abstract and manipulated. for the article online.

These images are of two of the works in the exhibition – sources from the online article.


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