Craig Sillitoe – Melbourne Professional Photographer

hdr20-600x400 My first experience of digital HDR was viewing photographs by Craig Sillitoe in the Sunday Age a couple of years ago.

Before that I had known that Ansel Adams used a similar method – the zone system – with multiple negatives for his stunning photographs of the national parks of the Rocky Mountains.  A fair explanation of the zone system is at .

The Sunday Age images were quite garish – but gave a full set of colours to the night photos.  hdr12-600x400I’d been trying to do this for some time, with photographs of the night lights of the cityscape reflected in Corio Bay.

Having seen many more of Sillitoe’s photographs since then, I continue to be impressed by his ability to produce vibrant and dynamic images, whatever the brief.  His professional website is at .

shrine on hot sunny dayThis image was taken for Anzac Day – and is not a double-exposure.  Sillitoe explains the process on his blog,


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